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Pete Bush
Founder - PSBcreative,
Music Educator, Director,

Arts-in-Schools Specialist,
Event Coordinator & Host

I create...

I direct...

I podcast...


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I design...

I perform...

And have fun doing it all!

Keeping the arts alive during the pandemic, here is the trailer to our filmed production of THE LITTLE MERMAID, safely made entirely in my backyard & basement in summer 2021.

I teach...

I write...

04 Main ThemeBush / Chabucos / Studstill
00:00 / 02:11
03 Hide AwayBush / Chabucos / Studstill
00:00 / 02:56
06 My Family Is YouBush / Chabucos / Studstill
00:00 / 03:35
08 Nightmare ContagiousBush / Chabucos / Studstill
00:00 / 05:21
11 MegaEpicBush / Chabucos / Studstill
00:00 / 03:20

I sing...

12 Fly AwayBush / Chabucos / Studstill
00:00 / 04:21
13 Something Wicked Here We ComeBush / Chabucos / Studstill
00:00 / 02:59
Draw Near All Ye People - Mendelssohn
00:00 / 00:00
Bring Him Home - Boublil / Schonberg / Kretzmer
00:00 / 00:00
My Friends - Sondheim
00:00 / 00:00
Heaven On Their Minds - Webber / Rice
00:00 / 00:00
King Herod's Song - Webber / Rice
00:00 / 00:00
Goodnight My Angel - Joel
00:00 / 00:00
Finale (Les Miserables) - Boublil / Schonberg / Kretzmer
00:00 / 00:00

I coordinate...

I support...


It was amazing!  Mr. Bush should be commended for coordinating & choreographing such an outstanding show.  I was amazed by the talent your students displayed during their performances.  You should be so proud!  Sprayberry High School is in for a treat when these students arrive! 

Joseph Sharp,


Sprayberry High School

The Lion King was so good on Saturday.  I loved how you used the playground as your stage & the costumes were incredible.  The entire cast was talented but man, when Rafiki opened the show with Circle of Life, I was blown away.  I think you all should be up for the Tony Award for
Best Revival.
Celeste Mercer,
Atlanta Braves Account Executive
Group & Hospitality Sales

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how FABULOUS the "Alice in Wonderland" play was!  I know a production like that is a lot of work, requires a lot of hours & takes a team.  Please let your team know it was a job well done!

Sherri Hill,

Asst. Superintendent

Cobb County Schools

Pete Bush is amazing. The performances are top notch and he is a wonderful inspiration to the students he teaches.

Nichole Crosier,

Nichole Crosier Photography

If you are a creative individual, this podcast is a must.  I really enjoy listening to other artists and creatives, and I learn from and get inspired by their journey.  Pete does a great job with the interviews and we really get to know the guests.  I highly recommend this show.


Owner, DJRmusic

I can't give Pete Bush & his PSBcreative team enough credit.  My daughter has been in two of his productions.  Pete & his crew know how to inspire, encourage & develop young actors, singers & dancers.  The attention to detail & creativity in each & every production make their shows stand out from any other I have ever seen.  

Kristy Cross,

Parent & Educator

Thank you isn't enough! Pete Bush has been an incredible mentor, guiding me through the process of starting a musical theater club at my school. From his book, to his invaluable advice and fundraising ideas, he has helped me to tackle this task, making it not so overwhelming. I can not imagine how I would have faired without his wisdom. 

Karis Kneuer,

Music Specialist, Director & Choreographer

My daughter has been involved with youth theatre and now theatre for quite a while and I say with certainty that Pete at PSBcreative is one of the most talented, kind, and creative director you can meet. His passion for seeing kids develop an interest and love of the arts is inspiring!
Fred Aebli
Owner, Get Me Coding
Professor, Penn State

Incredible amount of work that goes into a show. Pete Bush is an inspiration to those that want to have a thriving theater in schools.

Bill Nowicki,

Marietta Stories Podcast

Our daughter participated in the PSBcreative theatre program . We saw her flourish, make lots of friends, and learned to love theatre and the arts. This program was a huge confidence booster! We were in awe with their end of the year performance and the whole production, the stage, the costumes, light and sound--it was way beyond what we were expecting for an elementary production. Both of my kids truly enjoy learning from Mr. Bush, and my youngest can't wait to be old enough to participate in the theatre program.
Beta Nicks, parent

My daughter had so much fun during the last five months and loved being a part of the PSB show. She is already looking forward to participating in another PSB show in the fall. As a parent, I was surprised to see how everything including performance practice sessions and the actual show were organized so professionally and seamlessly. Thank you for providing great experiences for my daughter.
J. Park, parent & educator


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