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The Reviews Are In...

Celeste Mercer,

Atlanta Braves

Account Executive

Group & Hospitality Sales

The Lion King was so good on Saturday.  I loved how you used the playground as your stage & the costumes were incredible.  The entire cast was talented but man, when Rafiki opened the show with Circle of Life, I was blown away.  I think you all should be up for the Tony Award for

Best Revival.  

Joseph Sharp,


Sprayberry High School

It was amazing!  Mr. Bush should be commended for coordinating & choreographing such an outstanding show.  I was amazed by the talent your students displayed during their performances.  You should be so proud!  Sprayberry High School is in for a treat when these students arrive


Sherri Hill,

Asst. Superintendent

Cobb County Schools

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how FABULOUS the "Alice in Wonderland" play was!  I know a production like that is a lot of work, requires a lot of hours & takes a team.  Please let your team know it was a job well done!

Kristy Cross,

Parent & Educator

I can't give Pete Bush & his PSBcreative team enough credit.  My daughter has been in two of his productions.  Pete & his crew know how to inspire, encourage & develop young actors, singers & dancers.  The attention to detail & creativity in each & every production make their shows stand out from any other I have ever seen.  

Nichole Crosier,

Nichole Crosier Photography

Pete Bush is amazing.  He is creative & works wonders with his young performers.  Both of my daughters were in his performances.  They loved it.  In fact my oldest daughter has said many times, "He is the best I have ever worked with... & nothing compares to Mr. Bush."  He sets the bar very high!


C. Park,

University Professor

From the beginning, I was mesmerized to the show.  It was very well-structured & well-directed.  Its stage design & costumes were creative & well made.  Most of all, big smiles & pride from the cast members, their parents, & the audience.  I, and surely they, will never forget!

Brandon Plymel,

Music Specialist

Mableton Elementary

Pete and PSBcreative are incredible!  My elementary performing arts club consists of approximately 70 students, and costuming is always a major headache.  I contacted Pete and right away he offered for me to come and view everything he had available.  Throughout the whole process, he was very accommodating and considerate in getting me any piece I needed while working with my schedule.  Thank you so much for helping make this year's musical so successful and for taking a ton of stress off of my shoulders!


Brandi Williams-Moore 

Music & Performing Arts Teacher 

The Chandler School - Pasadena, CA 

PSBcreative is the best! Pete was a blessing and dream to work with. I thought it would be a long shot considering I was in California and he in Georgia, that I wouldn't even get a reply let one a proposal to rent. Nonetheless, I reached out. Pete responded immediately and was super professional, friendly and provided me an organized inventory and a reasonable agreement to reserve and rent the costumes. I was blown away by the craftsmanship, authenticity, and detail of his costumes. If you are looking for high quality and affordable costumes, props, etc. for your youth productions, then PSBcreative is your answer. I look forward the business with PSBcreative in the future.



Karis Stephan,

Music Specialist, Director & Choreographer

Nicholson Elementary

Thank you isn't enough! Pete Bush has been an incredible mentor, guiding me through the process of starting a musical theater club at my school. From his book, to his invaluable advice and fundraising ideas, he has helped me to tackle this task, making it not so overwhelming. I can not imagine how I would have faired without his wisdom.


Liz Fitzgerald,

Teatro Catalina,


Thank you and your team for putting together the Nana costume for the children and teens of Nicaragua's performances of Peter Pan.  It was so much appreciated by everyone at Teatro Catalina!  It was perfect!  May you have a wonderful 2018, as you continue to inspire so many young persons!

Melissa McMahan,


Pete Bush is awesome!  My daughter started performing and singing with PSBcreative and it has launched her into a love for theater and a passion for performing and singing. Pete truly helps these children find their voice and their passion. We are so thankful and grateful for such a wonderful program that PSB provides. It truly offers an incredible experience and one you just don’t get anywhere! Kincaid is fortunate to have such an incredibly talented teacher as Pete Bush and all the others that help with PSBcreative! What an incredibly talented bunch! You make a positive impact on our children and community and I thank you for sharing your talents with us!

Taylor Wickline,

Parent and Educator

My daughter had the most wonderful experience with PSB productions in elementary school, and it is probably her greatest joy to follow in the footsteps of students who have gone before her and help with plays now that she’s in middle school. It is more than an elementary school production. Mr. Bush and his dedicated team instill passion and change lives. They value each child, treat each with respect, and bring out the child’s fullest potential. Not to mention that Mr. Bush and his staff are whimsical, creative, and fun. I cannot say enough about Pete Bush, his staff, and this company.

Rosi Roberts,

I saw my kid take on a confident vocal persona one we only see at home with family. I was so proud to see the confidence that beamed from her. Thanks again. As you know my oldest daughter loved both chorus and PSB, 4 years later she still says you’re the best! Thanks for all you do. 

Dani Oren,

It was great!  Pete, you and the team did an amazing job teaching and guiding these kids to do what they were able to do.  I see improve in the future for some of them!   My son had an amazing time!  He is my Drama kid for sure.  We can't wait for what's next!


Laurie Brandt,


My daughter loves being a part of PSBcreative at Kincaid.  She has so much fun throughout the whole process and looks forward to PSB days.  We have watched my daughter overcome her shyness and gain confidence with each production.  We feel fortunate to have this opportunity at school.  Mr. Bush is amazing with the kids and does a great job helping them feel comfortable on stage.  I highly recommend PSBcreative to any parent!

Christina Gibson,
Parent and Educator

PSBcreative has been such a rewarding experience for my daughter.  I have seen her gain confidence, express her ideas, take take risks, and make lasting friendships.  I love how welcoming and encouraging PSBcreative is.  Every single child in each production is clearly thought about and cared for by the PSBcreative team, and the kids truly become family.  We love PSBcreative!

Beta Nicks, 

Our daughter participated in the PSBcreative theatre program . We saw her flourish, make lots of friends, and learned to love theatre and the arts. This program was a huge confidence booster! We were in awe with their end of the year performance and the whole production, the stage, the costumes, light and sound--it was way beyond what we were expecting for an elementary production. Both of my kids truly enjoy learning from Mr. Bush, and my youngest can't wait to be old enough to participate in the theatre program.


My son has been with PSBcreative for 4 years and it has been amazing.  It's a unique experience and I am very happy that my son has this opportunity.  Great learning experience, amazing teachers and wonderful memories that he will fondly look back on.  

Jungkyu (Justin) Park,
Parent & Professor, Kennesaw State University

My daughter had so much fun during the last five months and loved being a part of the PSB show. She is already looking forward to participating in another PSB show in the fall. As a parent, I was surprised to see how everything including performance practice sessions and the actual show were organized so professionally and seamlessly. Thank you for providing great experiences for my daughter.


Mr. Bush and the PSBcreative team have put together amazing programs that our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed over the past 4 years.  Their transition to online Zoom sessions has created a fun and interactive way for the kids to connect and have a great time together.  Our daughter looks forward to these sessions every week!  


PSBcreative offers my child the opportunity to explore performing arts interests in a tremendously supportive environment.  The program is an important feature to his school routine because he bonds with teachers, group leaders and friends.  He enjoys seeing progress after cast practices and rehearsals.  He loves the work: the beginning, middle and end of the a show.  His favorite memories are showtimes, working together, laughing, leading and growing.  Theatre is creative teamwork and we're so fortunate to have PSBcreative at Kincaid  We're definitely interested in 2020 summer camp options for meetings and lessons.  

Karen & Alex Figueiredo, Parents

The first time I saw one of Mr. Bush’s shows I remember thinking, “Wow, that’s the best kids’ performance I’ve ever seen.” It was the Lion King, and my kids weren’t even in it; we had gone to watch their friends perform. After that, my daughter couldn’t wait to be a part of every show. She participated in “Spooky Nights,” and we all had an amazing time strolling around and watching all of the individual skits. Next, she joined the cast of Aladdin. She loved being at practice each day and came home raving about how amazing everything was – the sets, the costumes, the choreography, and of course Mr. Bush and all his helpers! The pandemic hit then, and the kids weren’t able to perform, but Mr. Bush was quick to reassure them that one day they would be back on stage. He would get on Zoom calls with them to sing and talk about the projects they could do. Mr. Bush was an inspiration during a very difficult time.

The following year, Mr. Bush organized a covid-friendly version of The Little Mermaid. The kids all practiced at home, getting on Zoom to sing and act together for months. Mr. Bush then had each of them come to record their individual voice parts which he then spent hours editing together. For the big scenes he arranged to film outside. I have never seen a teacher so dedicated to helping his students create something so grand in scope. For days he practiced with them and filmed scenes from all different angles, the whole time encouraging his students and constantly smiling no matter how tired he must have been. Filming The Little Mermaid will forever be one of my daughter’s favorite memories, and for that cast, Mr. Bush will always be thought of as an amazing example of resiliency and devotion.  

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