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About PSBcreative

Years ago, I set out to create a theatrical production company unlike any other.  I formed a core team comprising of the most creative, artistic, dedicated, pleasant, professional, and fun-loving individuals I know.   

At PSBcreative, we are passionate about working with people of all ages, all abilities & from all backgrounds to build invaluable life skills through high-quality performing arts programs.  

1000s of young performers have shined in our programs.  The journey a cast and crew go on together to make a show happen is most important - not the show itself.  Our performances celebrate the growth & learning that has occurred during our time together.  

Self-expression.  Respect.  Cooperation.  Leadership.  Teamwork.  Dedication.  All these traits & many more are developed through the messy yet thrilling process of creating theatre. Costumes, props, and sets are simply our tools.  

My team and I look forward to helping your next show be your most successful (and stress-free) one yet!



Pete Bush                                       

Founder, PSBcreative

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