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Here is a special look at all of the hard work & fun that was going into our 

March, 2020 production of Disney's ALADDIN Jr.  

And here is my promise to our kids on 3/11/20.  

Since we've been adapting,always being creative, together while apart.

From a student:

My experience in PSBcreative has honestly given me a big advantage.  They have showed us how to be a family, not just a cast, how to be dedicated, and most of all, how to have fun.  Being in PSBcreative has been some of the best times of my life!

From a parent:

PSBcreative is a great platform for kids to learn the creative arts.  Pete's creativity and energy has been helping the kids stay active and engaged during these times.  It's so amazing to see my child learn different aspects of putting on a show, and have so much fun in the process.

From a parent:

We are so grateful to Mr. Bush and PSBcreative.  He goes above and beyond for the kids.  Through this program, our daughters have developed a greater love for music and theater, and their self confidence has grown as well.

From a parent:

Love PSBcreative - especially during this times.  Mr. Bush has been helping the kids with many different activities.  

From a parent:

PSBcreative is the best of the best.  Their programming is meaningful and both of my daughters has loved being part of this group.  

From a student:


Thanks Mr. Bush for all that you are doing to


keep us kids smiling and laughing during


these strange stay at home times.   

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