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101 Creative Ideas For Your Next PTA Program

After teaching music in an elementary school for 15 years, I've been in the driver's seat on many school performances. The following is a list of suggestions to help spark ideas for your PTA program, school play, concert, etc. I hope that this ebook will make a teacher's never ending to-do list a bit more manageable.


You HAVE to Put On A


Let this ebook serve you as an introduction to helming a theatre arts production and somewhat of a motivational guide. The chapters are arranged in the general order that resembles the development of a show.  I hope to assure you that your students, school, community and yourself, will be so much better off with this kind of experience than without. 

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An original rock musical that's a little dark but has lots of heart - just like middle school. 

A teenage girl, CHARIS, and her twin brother, ICARUS, have been bullied relentlessly for years. These two have been through worse however as their famous parents were lost in a mysterious accident and have since accepted that they will forever be misunderstood outcasts.  Little do they know that they are moments away from meeting the one person who can unite their family once again.  Join THE GRIM TWINS on a journey of acceptance, tolerance and love as our heroes share their talents and begin to make friends out of once sworn enemies.  Watch as a family is united and the magic of their love takes them from the perilous world of being a teen and sets them forth on the adventure of their lives - one that just may save the world. 


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