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The Kincaid Elementary tradition of excellence in performing arts continues with the PSBcreative production of Disney’s ALADDIN Jr.!  Disney’s Aladdin Jr. is based on the 1992 Academy Award®-winning film and the 2014 hit Broadway show about the “diamond in the rough” street rat who learns that his true worth lies deep within...


Depending on school guidelines, our performances will take place either inside the school (gym) or on an outdoor stage (weather permitting). PLEASE read and understand this information before registering your child for this challenging, one-of-a-kind program.  To register, read to the bottom and click to access our Google form.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: Any 5th, 4th or 3rd grader at Kincaid Elementary.  To ensure the safety of our students and to provide the highest quality program possible, we must limit the amount of participating students.

REGISTRATION / COST TO PARTICIPATE:  Registration is due by Nov. 18.  All cast / crew will receive one show t-shirt. Fee must be paid by the stated due date in order for student to continue participating.  Choose from the following:

  1. Paying by November 18: $235.00

  2. Paying by January 20: $270.00

  3. Stage crew / student audio engineer: $160.00. Very limited spots. Begins Feb 24.  Pay due January 20. 

SCRIPT/PRACTICE CD: Every performer / crew needs a student script and practice CD.  You will need to order your a ALADDIN JR. AUDIO SAMPLER.  It usually costs $8 to $11.  Below are some websites that carry this script / cd pack.  The sampler can also sometimes be found at Amazon.

PAYMENT / REFUND POLICY:  Do not send money to school.  Payments will not be accepted at Kincaid.  We will only accept payments sent to our PO Box or via Venmo.  

Mail checks to:  PSBcreative, PO Box 443, Marietta, GA  30061-0443

Venmo: PSBcreative,

We do not offer payment plans or refunds.  Payments will not be accepted after Jan. 20.  After Jan. 20, any students who have not been paid for will not be permitted to continue with the program.  Being that we need to purchase licenses and materials for costumes, props and scenery, our show t-shirts, and cover other expenses early in our show season, we do not offer refunds. If for some reason we are unable to perform as scheduled, PSBcreative will arrange other performance opportunities.

MANDATORY PRACTICES:  Friday, March 18 in the evening & Saturday, March 19 in the afternoon and evening.  Performers must attend both of these practice.  DO NOT REGISTER for this program if you foresee scheduling conflicts with other activities (family event, dancing, gymnastics, other athletics, etc.).  Students who do not attend these mandatory practices will not be permitted to perform in the shows.  We will not have more specific times until approx. 2 weeks prior.   


  • SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6th in the Kincaid Gym​.  8:30am start time (approx. 5 min each).   Sign up sheets will soon be posted outside of the music room. 

  • Nov. 6 is the only day we’ll be holding auditions. We will have our production team in attendance to observe all auditions on Nov. 6. 

  • Each audition includes SINGING, ACTING & DANCING.

  • Here are 3 videos from our choreographer so you can prepare for the movement part of the audition:

  • Important audition info (role descriptions, required acting and singing excerpt) will be found at

  • Scroll down and open the AUDITION CENTRAL section.

  • Here is a link to a sample practice script:

  • Here is a YouTube playlist to practice the ALADDIN songs:

  • To audition, participating students must sign-up for an audition time.  Sign-up sheets will be posted outside the music room.  It is the student’s responsibility to remember his / her audition time. 

  • To be fair and consistent to all students, we ask for all family and friends to remain outside of the gym during the auditions.   

  • We may double cast some roles.  Students assigned to a main role will be playing in half the shows while students with supporting roles will perform in all shows.  Regardless of the assigned role, all students are expected to be present at all shows.

  • Role assignments will be sent home on Friday, Nov. 19. 

  • Casting decisions are final.   

PRACTICES:  Starting in early January our practices will be on:

  • Thursdays - After school from dismissal to 4:00 PM.

  • Fridays - After school from dismissal to 4:00 PM.

  • Saturdays - 9am to 11:30am.  More details to come.  Performers with more demanding roles are strongly encouraged to attend these practices. Please eat before (and not at) practice.

  • A more detailed calendar will be posted on our blog & sent home. It is the responsibility of the performer and performer’s family to follow the schedule.  

PARENT VOLUNTEERS:  Each participating family must agree to help out!  

  • Saturdays: We will have a few sessions for building, painting, props and costuming.   

  • We will need also help with make-up, hair, audio, lighting, programs, admissions, concessions, pre-show setting up, post show clean up, etc.

  • ​More details to come.

STUDENT RESPONSIBILITES:  PSBcreative has a 3-Strike Policy. Any Kincaid teacher or staff member may inform PSBcreative that a participating student may deserve a strike. If a student receives 3 strikes at any time during our show season, he/she will no longer be allowed to continue in our program. If your child receives a strike, you will be sent a notification sheet to sign and return the following school day.  Should a student be dismissed from our program, the participation fee will not be refunded.  A strike may be earned when a student does not: 

  • Adhere to school rules & consistently exhibits positive character traits.  

  • Respect all teachers, staff, volunteers, and students.  

  • Complete class and homework on time & maintain positive grades.  

  • Attend each rehearsal and performance as assigned. 

  • Learn new songs and skills at rehearsal and commit them to memory by consistently practicing at home.  

MAKE-UP/HAIR:  Because we use stage lighting, basic make-up and hair will be required for all boys and girls and must be applied at home before for the shows. We will send home basic directions. Students performing certain characters will need to have their make-up and hair applied at school before shows. We will have a schedule for this.  More details to come.
CLOTHING/COSTUMES:  Students should wear comfortable clothing to all practices. For performances, items such as proper shoes, under shirts and shorts must be supplied from home.  Costumes (beyond typical base clothing) will be provided by PSBcreative.  All costume pieces must be returned to PSBcreative.
TENTATIVE SHOW DATES:  Although some roles will be divided among two or more students, ALL performers are expected to attend ALL shows.  The school attendance policy will be enforced.
*All show dates & times are subject to changes as directed by school guidelines and the weather.  We reserve the right to delay, abbreviate or reschedule a show at any time.  If a delay or postponement occurs prior to a scheduled show, we will send an email blast out to our participating families, and share via Kincaid's and PSBcreative's social media pages.   
TICKETS:  Paid admission will be required for all performances.  More ticketing information to come.   
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